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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  April 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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an explosive report of the reserve deputy who shot and killed an unarmed man was not certified to even be there that day. were robert base training records forged. one of the reporters behind that story speaks out. >> the most famous gyrocopter on
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earth. how on earth did it get to the lawn right next to the u.s. capital evading all the security in one of the most secure airspaces on earth. serious questions this morning. >> i grabbed my children and ran. thousands of families fleeing as isis closes in on a key iraqi city. desperate pleas for help to stop threatening offensive crushing that city. >> hi, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> new developments in shooting death of unarmed black man by reserve deputy. "tulsa world" newspaper now claims supervisors were advised to forge training records of robert bates. bates a 70-year-old reserve deputy who said he absolutely shot eric harrison when he mistook his gun for a taser.
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this new report is important and potentially devastating because officials have claimed that bates had all the training he was supposed to. >> the newspaper also obtained copies of bates training records but records may not provide a full picture of his qualifications obviously because authenticity of the records are not being questioned. ryan young has more details on this. he's joining us now. ryan, what more are you learning? >> reporter: kate and john, a lot of people talking about this, obviously questions about 73-year-old man part of this detail. you look at this video, you can actually hear him scream taser taser taser. but instead of using that taser he used the firemen. there have been questions about his training since then. he's had a close wrelationship with this department. now claims about "tulsa world" talking about falsifying records, talking about three
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supervisors may have been reassigned for not wanting to falsify the ror record. everyone wanting to question the record for his training what's going on in the sheriff's office. we talked to his lawyer three days ago. >> he's got the training. every news outlet checked with cleet, certifying organization in oklahoma. everyone has been told he's a certified reserve deputy in the state of oklahoma and has all the requisite powers that come with that. he's done the training. he's proven himself on the firing range. >> bates faces second degree manslaughter charges. his lawyer told us he had been on hundreds of operations like this one. now all that is under question. kate and john. >> ryan young, thank you so much for laying it out for us. much more on this later. one of the stories who broke the story will be joining us later to discuss. also new a florida mailman heading to court to face charges after his i guess you call it a bizarre stunt, if you will.
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a bizarre stunt to try to shut down -- that did shut down the u.s. capital for at least part of the day. doug hughes, he flew what we're now learning is called a gyrocopter. >> do not call it a helicopter. >> do not. >> into restricted airspace. he landed on the west lawn of the capital. the 62-year-old said it was a protest against influence of money in politics. you're looking at video right there of it. >> he was carrying letters for every member of congress arguing for finance reform. whatever his reasons aside, he flew right through what was supposed to be the most restricted and protected airspace on earth. this raises serious security concerns. joining us now to discuss this very close to where that aircraft landed our aviation correspondent rene marsh. good morning, rene. >> reporter: good morning john and kate it landed in that green space behind me, very close, i'm
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at the base of the actual capitol building. i'm steps from there. he will make his first court appearance, be before a judge to hear what he's charged with. it's unclear at this point exactly what the charges will be. in addition to criminal charges he could also face civil penalties. we should note, and everyone knows by now, he was not authorized to fly in this airspace. faa has control of this airspace. they say that no one reached out to them to get special permission. so not only is the faa investigating how this happened but we do know today senate homeland security committee is also launching their own investigation. the chairman of that committee saying today that he is very alarmed by what happened here. he's concerned that someone was able to fly over an hour through some of the most restricted airspace. really that is the security question at this hour. how is it that this happened?
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i spoke with norad yesterday. they said they didn't scramble jets. by the time they heard about it, it already land 3-d on the west lawn. so we do know that there are agencies, along with the faa secret service, dhs, capitol police, they are all monitoring radar 24/7 around the alcohol eyes glued to this specific part of washington, d.c. to make sure no unidentified aircraft are flying through here. so if that's the case, how is it that norad didn't know about it until this gyrocopter landed. so that is the security question that's concerning many lawmakers here today as this man makes his first court appearance. >> rene marsh, their eyes are glued to the airspace to see aircraft, how did they miss aircraft. big questions. thanks for joining us, rene. >> rene, thanks so much. also watching this hour, hillary clinton could be facing
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competition soon for another democrat in the race for democratic nomination. former rhode island governor and senator and one-time republican. >> and independent. >> independent ling chacoln cha. he told mr. john berman he's running. he said that. he's running because of strong feelings about where the country is going. listen. >> the flow in that argument is i have a 30-year record to look at. when they look at that 30-year record they are going to see absolute consistency on fiscal responsibility, on the environment, on using tools of government to help less fortunate, keeping us out of quagmi quagmires, civil liberties, rock solid consistency. >> chaffee's spokesperson said despite what he said he has not formally declared his candidacy. he's in exploratory phase. he's expected to make some kind of announcement soon. >> chris christie swears he's not done yet.
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he was in new hampshire essentially campaigning for president, even though he, too, is not an official candidate. right now he's pretty far back in the pack, which is a far cry from when he was seen as a potential front-runner. the question is, is it over for him? to late to have a chance? he says no way. >> poll numbers go up and they go down based on your performance. i am far, far from finished with my career. so you know, you have a chance to go back up again. >> in a recent poll 6% -- 69% of people in new jersey say their governor would not make a good president. >> holocaust remembrance day to remember the jews that were
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killed. people pulled off the records, stepped out of their cars, pedestrians stopped in their tracks to bow their heads two minutes to remember those who perished in world war ii. the names of all killed will be read aloud at parliament. president obama marked the day releasing a statement saying americans must make real the words, never forget, never again, and take a stand against bigotry and hatred. >> happening now a key iraqi city on the brink, perhaps, of falling to isis. u.s.-led coalition carries on airstrikes over ramadi 70 miles west of baghdad. iraqi government troops desperately trying to fend off an invasion essentially from isis militants. >> terror groups attempting to seize and take over the decide. thousands fleeing for fear ramadi could fall very soon to isis. let's bring in cnn's senior international correspondent live in baghdad. you're able to see firsthand those people running for their lives. what are they up against and
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what are iraqi forces up against as well? >> well, when it comes to the civilian population, it's quite simply being confronted with a level of fear and terror we cannot possibly begin to imagine, seeing isis fighters storming into your neighborhood, taking over your home, especially given everything they have heard. in some cases even seen isis do in other areas they have taken over. those people we met there absolutely terrified as they were fleeing. many of them bursting into tears at the thought of what was left behind. since we were there yesterday, isis did manage to move in from a number of different directions very close to the city center overnight launching a complex attack on the government complex there. iraqi forces did manage to keep them out. but the question is for how long. there have been ongoing calls for airstrikes for additional troops on the ground. those airstrikes actually
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materializing just a few hours ago. we are hearing from a local official in ramadi saying airstrikes took place on the outskirts of the city, effectively an effort to cut off logistical and reinforcements coming into isis. also some airstrikes in this city to try to prevent isis from advancing towards that government complex. at this stage much more is needed, especially when it comes to troops on the ground to try to even begin pushing isis back. >> where those troops are going to come from, that's a huge question. arwa damon, good to have you, arwa. >> quite a story for you. busted for allegedly trying to sell weapons to mexican drug cartel, talking about two members of the army national guard. officials call this down this -- >> another arrest in gang rape of panama city beach in an
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. two army national guards, they have been arrested for allegedly rig to sell weapons to mexican drug cartels. yes, that's true. the men were caught in a federal sting operation in san diego and now set to appear in court today. >> this is something. officials say these guardsmen were so brazen they actually wore their army uniforms during some of the sales. evan perez broke this story. he joins us now. evan, this just sounds tough.
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>> it's remarkable. this is an investigation that took about eight months. these are two soldiers who worked at army national guard armory near san diego. james casillas, 22 years old and reyes, 34 years old. they are now facing charges -- both of them facing charges of dealing firearms without a license. reyes is additionally charged with unlicensed transportation of firearms across state lines. this was an atf sting run by atf agents who told them, according to prosecutors in san diego, told these two men that these weapons they were selling were destined for mexican drug cartels. they were going to ship them across the border. apparently according to prosecutors they didn't seem to care. according to the charging sheet here, this is the arsenal they were selling, about at least seven firearms including ar
8:17 am
rifle, ak-47, sas, 40 caliber pistol as well as thousands of ammunition that was stolen from the armory there in san diego. again, this is something atf says these men were doing well before they were approached by an undercover agent. now they are glad they got them. they are appearing in court this afternoon." according to prosecutors when these men were arrested, casillas told investigators it was all reyes' fault. we'll see what happens in court this afternoon purchase sounds simply outrageous. >> brazen or stupid, probably both. probably a mixture of both. evan, thank you very much. >> all right. check this out. from a $40 million contract with new england patriots to $0.50 an hour for making license plates. the new reality for convicted killer aaron hernandez. these next. denver international is one of the busiest airports
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happening now convicted killer aaron hernandez sits in a cell four miles from the stadium where patriots fans used to cheer him on. a transitional center waiting for transfer where he will serve his sentence. high-tech maximum security facility. >> this surely isn't the end of the story for hernandez oddly enough. he's still facing serious charges including, remember, two first degree murder charges. authorities claiming hernandez
8:22 am
shot and killed two men near a boston nightclub in july 2012 a year before odin lloyd was killed. to discuss the future of aaron hernandez, danny savalas. word there will be an appeal by hernandez' team. what does the appeal look like? what did the success look like. >> it's not a denova brand-new look at the case, it's anything but. the only thing the judge at the appeals level is going to look at is if the trial judge did something, really abused his discretion or did something wrong. appeals by their nature, by their standard, are usually a long shot. two things they may look at, admission of cell phone data. you may recall the judge made one decision on admissibility
8:23 am
and then changed her mind and allowed for the defense. that may be appeal. it's highly unusual for a judge to say i've ruled on this motion. it's not coming in. i've changed my mind, now it's going to come in. that's highly unusual. you might also see an appeal based on the motion to change the venue because of high publicity. that is not an easy motion to win. you need to show not only a lot of publicity but some material prejudice. it has happened in the past but it's an exceedingly difficult bar. >> jurors came out and spoke afterwards, they knew who he was, football fans, that in and of itself matter after the fact the venue mattered. >> the supreme court says you need more than extreme pretrial publicity. the second wrong you must prove is that pretrial publicity actually prejudiced the case. you need more than the existence of publicity. >> also facing more charges including for a double homicide
8:24 am
back in 2012 we were laying out. what happens there? >> what's going to happen there, that case was originally on for may, you guys, but it was postponed pending this case. there will be a pretrial hearing. let me tell you the difference between that case and this one convicted of murder one on. that case has a witness. what's alleged in that case is two gentlemen bumped into aaron hernandez at a nightclub and hernandez was angry about it. so hernandez left the club 2:30 in the morning. witnesses say he was driving around looking for the bmw being driven by the guy who bumped into him and spilled the drink on him, pulled up next to the bmw, fired five shots, killed both the driver, front seat passenger. however, he also shot a guy sitting in the back. that guy strangely enough, he id'd aaron hernandez when he was arrested and on tv for the killing of odin lloyd.
8:25 am
so this is a very, very strong case against him. that's going to go to trial in massachusetts, i would imagine sometime this summer or fall. >> danny, it's interesting, i think people look at older murder charges, older murder cases and think, well, that's older, it will be harder for the prosecution to prove. there are times, and i've heard you say this, it's actually sometimes harder for the defense the older the charges are. >> think about it. when the murder happens prosecution and law enforcement begins their investigation that night. they continue to investigate and continue to investigate. if they get an indictment two years later, three years later, the first time a defendant or his attorney, especially, has any idea there's a criminal case when they find out about the indictment. it can be exceedingly difficult to come up with albi information for two years ago, three years ago. because there's no statute of
8:26 am
limitations on murder it can be 20 years ago if you get indicted 20 years after a killing. >> interesting. clearly not over yet even though he's probably going to be sitting in that same jail cell for a long time. thank you so much for joining us. this hour, explosive report on the volunteer deputy who pulled the trigger in the fatal shooting in ork. were supervisors ordered to falsify his training record? that's what one newspaper says they found out. what you need to know now. >> first, want to tell you about a remarkable cnn series that begins sunday night. we take you inside colorado's marijuana business. this now a preview of "high profits." >> they are parasites. >> they have got no contribution to the society. >> preying on our community and our kids. >> it's going to end badly. >> got exactly $100,000 in cash in the back of his car. i bet there's guys right there in that prison for doing just what we're going to do.
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were the records falsified? new questions in the case of reserve deputy robert bates now charged with second degree manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed man. >> a report in "tulsa world" newspaper claims sheriff supervisors were ordered to falsify training records for robert bates. the report says that at least three of the reserve deputies supervisors were transferred after refusing to sign off on his state-required training. this training has come under intense scrutiny after bates claimed he mistook his gun for a taser when he fatally shot eric
8:32 am
harris haves. joining us to discuss this, one of the reporters who broke the story. let's be clear been, i said before, fully understand what you're reporting here, you're saying before this incident happened, potentially years before, they were people ordered to falsify the report. when they didn't, they were punished. >> that is correct. we have been told this by at least five sources and we have documents to corroborate this information. what we understand is that there are so-called field training officer records sort of in the field training that is supposed to be included and that there were not enough of those hours, that most of them actually didn't occur and deputy bates needed to have those hours and supervisors were ordered to just sign it. they refused. i don't know if you can say they were punished but they were transferred out to less desirable positions at least in the case of one of them. then the other issue was
8:33 am
falsification of the firearms training records. supposedly that supervisor refused to sign off on those records and was also transferred because the score was not high enough to meet the limit. >> this happened before. to be clear about the now, if sources are accurate, when officials are telling us over the last several days that bates had all the training he was supposed to, they were flat-out wrong. >> i have no idea who ordered this and who approved it, who knew, who didn't. the sheriff said he didn't know. i took him at his word. i think probably a thorough investigation of this within the sheriff's department and outside of it would be a good idea. the sheriff's department can clear this up very quickly producing the names of the people who signed off on training, produced the records. what i've been told us they have been lost or they are not public record. it's just very unclear.
8:34 am
we've been asking for these records for about a week and we still don't have -- we have summaries and have the actual records themselves. >> the sheriff's department going further than saying they can't find paperwork, they have rejected any claims that there was any falsification of any documents. they are calling into question your reporting. from the sheriff's department put out a statement saying this, keep in mind the "tulsa world" reporter cannot validate her sources and claims anonymity which leaves us skeptical that her claims are unsubstantiated and deceptive. that's coming from the sheriff's department. we reached out to the sheriff's department, asked them to come on. they declined to come on. i want to give you the opportunity to respond to that. >> sure, of course. the sheriff's department knowing we had this story did not want to comment yesterday. they have not produced the documents that could have made -- definitely made us
8:35 am
question the story. we have documents we're not allowed to discuss at this time that do corroborate this story completely. he was an advanced reserve officer in 2007. that would require 400 hours of training. he didn't start his training until 2008 or so. so that is off. the sheriff also says that his gun certification records have been lost. he thinks it might be with the secret service agent to used to work at the department. there's just a lot of confusion surrounding this. to me it raise as lot of questions. >> it does raise questions. one of the big questions throughout, i want your perspective only, you're closer than anybody. does this come down to peyton place scenario. you lay out in your reporting, bates was a campaign manager for the sheriff in his most recent re-election campaign, also lay out he contributed vehicle, other things to the department
8:36 am
over the last few years. from your perspective, in your reporting and talking to your sources, do you think this was a pay to play being a cop scenario? >> that is a wildly held perception to everyone talking about this story. however, the flip side is donated equipment, donated cars, it is a big benefit to the department. they use it in undercover operations. that's a benefit. was he trained at 73 years old with only one year of law enforcement experience in his 60s, was he trained to go and do an undercover operation and be in this role? he said he's done 100 or so operations. i think a lot of people question whether he had the proper training to be in the position that he was in. >> let's see the records here. this is going to be important. eva, thank you for coming on and talking about your reporting.
8:37 am
it's an important story. >> it's an important story to reinforce to viewers, the reason this matters, a man died. he thought, said he accidentally meant to grab for a taser, grabbed for a weapon instead. this all played out and caught on a body camera. that's how this all came to light. the reason this matter, should he have had a weapon in his hands, been there in the first place. that's what the conversation is about. >> 37 minutes after the hour. ahead for usa man who had a beef with congress. how did he send that message? he flew the gyrocopter within feet of the u.s. capitol. major security implications. >> desperation in iraq. tens of thousands of family on the run as isis closes in on their town. the latest on the fight to stop terrorist onslaught. with the best city fuel economy rating...
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serious security questions this morning after a florida mailman managed to shut down the u.s. capital with a pretty wild protest ride. 61-year-old doug hughes goes to court this afternoon to face charges after landing his gyrocopter -- in case you're wondering what's a gyrocopter, that, there -- he landed it on the west lawn of the capital. he did this asking for reform in campaign finance laws. he was immediately arrested. >> that brings about a lot of questions, including how was he able to land this thing in restricted airspace without anyone knowing or did secret service know about the ride. as "tampa bay times" is reporting, they said they alerted the secret service. a lot to get into. let's bring in former secret service agent. great to see you, jonathan. everything out there so far, they are looking all into it, air defense system doesn't
8:42 am
detect aircraft as he entered airspace. no one stopped him from landing. he landed, why was he allowed to land? >> secretary johnson said this morning he flew in apolo the radar. i think there are two different. >> below the radar. >> below the radar. the way the radar works, flew in below the signal. as you get closer, more restrictive airspace called p 6. once he entered into that, a tightly controlled airspace, capital building, naval corridor. when he entered that area, i find it hard to believe he was not picked up by some of the more sophisticated radar systems on site. >> you think it's possible there's something we're not being told here, which brings up another question, a lot of questions how this happened, why wasn't he shot down. as you look at it, this guy --
8:43 am
should we be concerned or did it work here. >> you should be concerned. we know after the fact he had a political agenda. from a law enforcement standpoint what we should really be concerned of, basically he provided a rehearsal of concept for people who really want to do harm. so any terrorist organization thinking can i fly a gyrocopter, which is a kit made small helicopter, into this airspace. we just proved you could do it. what are the ramifications of doing that. obviously nothing. right now what law enforcement has to do, they have to look at the protocols, their rules of engagement when something enters restricted airspace. it should have consequences to it. when you come into this airspace, there's consequences.
8:44 am
that's the problem with law enforcement now. what is the threshold for mitigating that threat. >> it's very serious. at least as far as i'm concerned seems to be very difficult to determine while that helicopter, anything is in the restricted airspace to determine the level of the threat, should we let them land or not. >> pull the trucker. >> what are the thresholds, who is responsible for defending that airspace? i cannot speak for capitol police where incident occurred, as you get close to the white house, it really becomes a secret service responsibility to protect that house. so i think those are the bigger questions. what are the thresholds, rules of engagement, how do we protect airspace. >> amazing when you think the guy flew under the radar and landed on the capitol. when they are under lockdown, it's a terrifying experience when it does happen. >> appreciate it. fleeing in droves, thousands
8:45 am
grabbing their children whenever they can and running when isis takes control of a key iraqi city. what's being done to stop isis. that's next. ( music throughout) ♪ ♪ one time one coat coverage, one coat guaranteed. ♪ one happy couple. marquee, behr's most advanced paint and primer, exclusively at the home depot.
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8:49 am
>> sizable parts of that city already under control or at least influence of isis. want to bring in lieutenant colonel rick francona. thanks for being with us. there's been all kinds of chest thumping over the past week iraqi military over the fact it was able to retake the city of tikrit from isis. yeah, they have tikrit but now they might be on the verge of losing ramadi. what kind of problem is this? >> it's a big problem, john. if you look at how they took tikrit it was done primarily at the very end through massive american air power. if you look what happened before that, they were not doing that very effective. they were using rocket launchers and asht. pulverizing places. not doing this effectively. now we're seeing ramadi, isis surrounding this city. surprisingly seem to be collapsing in front of them again. just abysmal performance on their part. >> iraqi forces if they are collapsing in front of them, a what do they noticed? at this point doesn't seem just
8:50 am
having u.s.-led air power is enough to hold them off. >> air power can stop them. fix them in place, stop the advance. and the iraqis keep proving themselves incapable of doing this. so, i think we're on the verge of watching either more parts of the city fall or the city itself collapse. it's almost surrounded. the isis has got them covered to the north, the east and the south. so it's not looking good for the defenders there, who are running short of supplies. >> is this a one off, though, colonel? look a lot of things happened in anbar province. does this get in the way of the strategic goals of the u.s. and the iraq going forward, mainly, which is retaking the city of mosul where isis is essentially headquartered in iraq. >> that's a key point. every time the iraqis say we're getting ready frethe kickoff or
8:51 am
the retaking of mosul. john, we had this conversation a month ago and the iraqis say we're on the verge of launching this campaign and it will take a few weeks to liberate mosul and you and i both thought that was not going to happen. isis was able to stalemate them for weeks. so, i think mosul is way down the road and every time the iraqis have some sort of victory, isis pops up again somewhere else. it's, isis is proving them selves to be very resilient and resourceful enemy. >> always great to have you with us. thanks, kurpal. ahead for us at this hour. spring break as we know it is over. police in panama city beach lay down the law after video surfaces of an alleged gang rape. a video they say is one of perhaps countless others. so, what changes are on the way? first, a look into the future. if you've ever had that feeling that someone is reading your
8:52 am
mind, that someone is now a computer. here's cnn's samuel burke. >> reporter: we develop eemotionally intelligent computers. so, we use technology that can track your facial expressions and we map that into a number of emotional states. essentially what the computer is doing tracking your main feature points like your mouth, eyebrows. >> smile. brow raise. brow furrow. i try not to do that so i don't have to get botox. frown. so, your technology, how can it know what i'm feeling? what is it looking for? >> we7 million eemotional data points. we collected videos from over 75 countries of people responding to digital content and we use that to train the computer to detect all sorts of different expressions from enjoyment to
8:53 am
confusion, concentration. >> one of the things that is scary about this type of technology is you think, wow, will computer maybe be reading my eemotions without me knowing? do you think that's possible for this technology one day? >> technologically it's possible, but we have crafted all our user experiences to date so that we get this in beforehand. >> what are some ways you're already implementing these technology? >> one of the main focuses is in the advertising and media space. work with movie studios to task their trailers and also we work with 1,400 brands in advertisers. we use their data because they want to understand the emotional connection with a brand and we helicopter opt tumize their advertising. >> cnn money innovate. learn more at
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shocking revelations following an alleged gang rape in panama city beach. the video that apparently shows the rape and shows crowds of spring break revellers steps away from the victim is not the first of its kind. >> authorities have arrested three people in connection now with the alleged gang rape, but what more is being done to protect young women to stop this from happening. they say it's not unusual. our alexander field is in panama city beach trying to get some of
8:58 am
those answers. what are you hearing? >> spring breakers have been welcomed in this community so long. years, decades even. but that video illustrating that attack has really brought this to light. a situation that has grown out of control, according to the people that we talked to here, devolving into something that is not desirable, but down right dangerous. we heard from the sheriff's office and they arrested three times the amount of people this year than last year. more than 1,000 people. the spring break population has now swelled to over 100,000 people and they're seeing all kinds of criminal activity in a place where you used to see college kids just sort of taking a few weeks off, drinking together. of course, always been problems and those problems have really mounted. the bigger problem here is identifying when problems do happen. john and kate, as you know, that was uncovered by police when they were doing a separate investigation in a different state. the sheriffs here in bay county say they have been looking at social media and looking at pictures and videos that have been posted online and trying to determine whether or not more crimes have been committed.
8:59 am
they're looking at other behavior, other acts and questioning whether or not there have been other sexual assaults. in some cases, it isn't entirely clear to them. but they have reached out to another woman in one case and trying to find the man who may have been involved in that case. >> that's the past. you know, what about the future? they're not going to close the beaches and cancel spring break, are they? >> this is such a difficult issue because spring break is such a major boom to the economy in this area. yes, that's important. given what happened this year, sort of this collective sentiment that something has to change. what we're hearing about is talk of passing more ordinances and then enforce those ordinances. that's tough when officers are outnumbered by the crowds. what some people here are saying they want news of these ordinances to spread. they want to limit the crowd that comes here to make it more manageable to police to make this a safe place. and keep some form of spring break the way it used to look here. >> safety, that is what is important here. alexandra field, thanks.
9:00 am
>> stories are just appalling that we're hearing right now. great to see you all. have a great day. "legal view" with randi kaye in the chair starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. i'm randi kaye in today for ash ely banfield. welcome to "legal view." breaking news in the tulsa police shooting that could change the whole dynamic of this story. serious questions about his training and allegations of a cover up and falsified records. top officials are denying it all, but the more we learn about that deadly police shooting in tulsa, the worst is lot looks f the sheriff's department there. amazingly, it looks something like this. if you want to care ey a gun and a badge in tulsa, you can. if you're really rich, donate tons of money to the police force and if your close, personal friends with the sheriff, maybe you won't need a whole lot of training. that is the picture coming into focus in asa


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